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Some  more sketches and pics LotR related

1_ Based on the beautiful fanfic by SusanaR “May I?”

2_ Oropher and little Thranduil

3. and 4. _ Based on Lela’s fanfictions, Ninde, her Oc, youngest child of Thranduil.

4_ Arwen, Legolas and Eldarion.

5_ Ill Legolas with worried Ada Thranduil (I know elves don’t get sick, but it’s based on a fanfic too)

6_ Little Erestor with little robin. Beautiful Holly’s fanfic “Thithen Enthril”

7_ Legolas and Gimli arguing about… something :P

Momma Hen Thranduil

In the internet previews, before going to watch the movie, I saw some Thranduil fighting orcs videos. During the movie, in the theatre, I kinda expected him suddenly appear in Lake Town and help his son against the orc who make his nose bleed. It didn’t happen ;A;

Well, it’s just in the film they don’t have any father-son interaction… so sad! (This is what happens when you watch a film with a character after reading so many fanfictions where he is portayed so differently… but I regret nothing!>.<

Here Legolas is ashamed because his Ada decided to make the dreaded “parental face-cleaning” in front of the royal guards probably xDD

Thranduil, Legolas (c) Tolkien

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