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Great Doujinshi by Azuma. You can find more of her wonderful work on Pixiv and Deviantart

If you like her work let her know!!

Thanks a lot for giving me permission to translate and share it on Tumblr!!

And thanks to Lela for helping me to fix the english translation! :D

Question tag time

Violcetta tagged me :)

1. What is your favourite scent?

I like a lot of scents, but if I must choose only one this would be cinnamon :)

2. What do you usually think first when you wake up?

C’mon!You need to make this day productive… aww…. five minutes mooooreee…


DID YOU SAY CHEESE?? Where is the cheese!!???? Cheese!!! *MUNCH!MUNCH!GROMF!MUNCH* Sorry, which was the question? I only heard cheese…

4. is there something you don’t like about yourself?

The thing I hate about me the most is that I do not have constancy and a lot of time I leave the things half done ;_;

5. Do you often think about your future?

I do. But I need to focus on the present to make the future succesful :)

6. What do you regret the most from the things you have done in your life?

More than things I have done, I regret most the things I do not have done. The thing I regret the most is not have persevered in trying to acces in the Fine Arts school.

7. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Neither xDD I try to be an early bird, but I admit when I need to work at home  I focus better at night.

8. Do you think that immortality would be nice?

I think it would be interesting, but not nice, I think it would be mostly sad… especially if you have to spend it on your own…

9. Did you know that “dolphin” rhymes with “rape”?


10. What do you  think about me?

You’re a really nice person :) And thanks the fact I knew people like you when I started in Deviantart I lost my shyness to try to communicate in english and this have improved my knowledge of the language (although I still make a bunch of mistakes xDD )

At the moment I won’t tag anybody because I cannot think on proper questions, but I will when I get inspired, beware!! xDD

Some  more sketches and pics LotR related

1_ Based on the beautiful fanfic by SusanaR “May I?”

2_ Oropher and little Thranduil

3. and 4. _ Based on Lela’s fanfictions, Ninde, her Oc, youngest child of Thranduil.

4_ Arwen, Legolas and Eldarion.

5_ Ill Legolas with worried Ada Thranduil (I know elves don’t get sick, but it’s based on a fanfic too)

6_ Little Erestor with little robin. Beautiful Holly’s fanfic “Thithen Enthril”

7_ Legolas and Gimli arguing about… something :P

Momma Hen Thranduil

In the internet previews, before going to watch the movie, I saw some Thranduil fighting orcs videos. During the movie, in the theatre, I kinda expected him suddenly appear in Lake Town and help his son against the orc who make his nose bleed. It didn’t happen ;A;

Well, it’s just in the film they don’t have any father-son interaction… so sad! (This is what happens when you watch a film with a character after reading so many fanfictions where he is portayed so differently… but I regret nothing!>.<

Here Legolas is ashamed because his Ada decided to make the dreaded “parental face-cleaning” in front of the royal guards probably xDD

Thranduil, Legolas (c) Tolkien

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